Laxmi Eye Centre

Helping You To See Better

Opposite Punjab and Sind Bank
Shastri Nagar , Kullu , 175101 (HP)​


Laxmi Eye Centre
Helping You To See Better



Our Keratometry service offers precise corneal measurements for tailored vision correction, ensuring accurate diagnoses and personalized treatment plans.


Our Tonometry service offers quick intraocular pressure measurements, vital for glaucoma detection and optimal eye health, painlessly.

Slit Lamp Photography

Our Slit Lamp Photography captures detailed eye images, aiding in precise diagnosis and monitoring of ocular conditions with clarity.

Corneal Topography

Our Corneal Topography service maps corneal curvature with advanced imaging, aiding in refractive surgery candidacy and managing corneal diseases precisely.

Corneal Topography

our Corneal Topography service provides precise cornea mapping for tailored diagnoses and treatment plans, ensuring optimal eye health.

OCT for Retina

Our Retina service offers advanced imaging for early detection and effective management of retinal conditions through detailed analysis.

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